FM Friends

JOIN OUR CIRCLE OF FM FRIENDS and take advantage of the discounts and flexibility this membership offers! Become a Friend online or download and complete and return the enrollment form below.

Your discount code will be emailed as soon as your membership is processed.

As an FM Friend,  your name will appear on the “FM Friends” page at our website, you’ll be the first to hear of any special FM news or promotions, plus get exclusive access to audio streaming of past concerts (see below). For just $50 per season*,  you’ll also receive a 20% discount code good toward:

  • tickets to any Frankly Music concert at any venue (limit 10 per concert)
  • any CD purchases (or other FM merchandise like t-shirts, etc.)
Friends of Frankly Music
Friends of Frankly Music

Become a Friend of Frankly Music!

Prefer to use a print form? Use the included form in our season brochure.

*Special notes: Paying by check? Please be sure to make all checks payable to Wisconsin Lutheran College.
$42.00 is tax-deductible.

FM Friends 2018-19

    • Patricia Almon
    • Jeffrey S. Alper
    • Mary Ann Beaumont
    • Russell Brooker
    • Jessica Brown
    • John Blum
    • Terry Burko
    • Cecile Cheng
    • Magdalena Chrzanowska
    • Laurie Cornue
    • Phil & Patricia Crump
    • Barbara Diaz
    • Diane Du Bois
    • Linda Edelstein
    • Edward Filmanowicz
    • Eric Fisher
    • Elizabeth Fitzsimmons
    • J. William Frank
    • Kathy Grogan
    • Judy & Dave Hecker
    • Roxy Heyse
    • Dennis Jacobsen
    • Gretchen Jaeger
    • Kim Jankowiak
    • Judith Keyes
    • Henry G. Koc
    • Elizabeth Kocol
    • Julilly W. Kohler
    • Calvin Kozlowski
    • Dale & Barbara Lenz
    • Todd Levy
    • Karen Loreck
    • Jacob Magnusson
    • Sue Martin-Steiner & Tony Steiner
    • Mary Ellen Mitchanis
    • Steven Moffic
    • Petra Momcilovic
    • Angela M. Penzkover
    • Katherine Radewahn
    • Kathryn Reinardy
    • Allen Rieselbach
    • Roger Ritzow
    • Diane Rosner
    • Kathy Schnuck
    • Elaine Schueler
    • Jane Schueler
    • Amy H. Shapiro
    • Richard Stoll
    • Linda M. Tojek
    • Joan Urdan
    • Patricia Van Alyea
    • Susan Vanselow
    • Sarah Vogelsang
    • Margaret Walsh
    • Barbara Wanless
    • Catherine Wendt
    • Joan Wojtal

Friends of Frankly Music FAQ

How does Frankly Music’s membership program work?

Enjoying the benefits is easy. Just visit the Friends signup page to start your membership. Once you’ve completed the form and paid securely with your credit card, you will receive a confirmation email with a special membership code. Use it whenever you make Frankly Music purchases to automatically receive your discount.

When purchasing tickets or merchandise online, enter your code into the Promo Code box at checkout. When ordering tickets by phone, just let your box office agent know you’re a Friend of Frankly Music and provide the code.

What do I receive with my membership?

Frankly Music Friends receive a 20% discount on every ticket they purchase – even for friends and family – up to ten tickets per concert. Friends also receive a 20% discount on CDs and Frankly Music merchandise. You’ll also receive exclusive audio streaming of past concerts.

What is the cost of membership?

$50 per season, per member. Families only need one membership to enjoy all the benefits.

Is my online purchase secure?

Frankly Music’s Friends signup page uses Square, a highly secure e-commerce platform that helps millions of businesses – including Starbucks – process about $15 billion per year in transactions. JP Morgan Chase is Square’s acquiring bank, meaning the bank that accepts all transactions made through Square.

Do I have to have my name posted on the Frankly Music website in the FM Friends section?

We’re excited to share your member status with other Frankly Music patrons, but we respect your privacy. If you don’t want your name listed on our website or in other promotional materials, just email us at or contact us through the Frankly Music website.

How long is my membership in effect?

Your membership is in effect for the season before or during which you join. We may offer additional incentives to Friends who join late in the season.

Will my membership automatically be renewed next season?

We will not automatically renew your membership, but we will send all our members a courtesy renewal notice each year.