Welcome to our 20th Season!

Along with a spectacular guest lineup this season, we’ve also brought in some of  the stellar musicians of the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra.

We’re excited to invite you to enjoy our mission of providing outstanding chamber music in our unique format, combining exceptional performances with educational and social elements.

Join us for these special events — hear amazing performances in intimate settings, and stay for a small, complimentary reception afterwards with your friends and the musicians and experience chamber music the way it was meant to be — among friends. See for yourself why this series continues its international reputation for excellence and innovation.

I look forward to seeing you at all of our events this season!

Enormous, overwhelming, jaw-dropping.

– Tom Strini, Third Coast Digest


Laura Arnow, President

Wendy Burke, Vice President

Mark Franke, Secretary

Tony Franda, Treasurer

Cathy Constantini

Dick Stoll

Linda Edelstein

Tanya Mazor

Julie Steinhafel


Frank Almond, Artistic Director

Paul Beck, General Manager

Terry Lutz, Marketing

Eric Reichelt, Associate


  • Edward Arron
  • Elena Abend
  • Emi Ferguson
  • Darrett Adkins
  • Wendy Sutter
  • Andrew Armstrong
  • Toby Appel
  • Matthew Annin
  • William Barnewitz
  • Marta Aznavoorian
  • Brooklyn Rider
  • Orion Weiss
  • Julian Schwarz
  • Marika Bournaki
  • Miró Quartet
  • Nicholas Cords
  • Stefan Hersh
  • Jeannie Yu
  • Michael Klotz
  • Tanya Ell
  • Brian Zeger
  • Adam Golka
  • David Kim
  • Anthony Ross
  • Ilana Setapen
  • Stas Venglevski
  • Aeolus Quartet
  • Margot Schwartz
  • Kelly Markgraf
  • Mario Gotoh
  • Andreas Haefliger
  • Cynthia Phelps
  • Gary Hammond
  • Stefan Kartman
  • Christopher Taylor
  • David Harding
  • Lynn Harrell
  • Colin Jacobsen
  • Robert deMaine
  • Zachary Cohen
  • Joseph Johnson
  • Anthony McGill
  • Alexander Kerr
  • Jeanyi Kim
  • Alexander Hersh
  • Todd Levy
  • Susan Babini
  • Caroline Coade
  • Rosa Borisova
  • Nicholas Mariscal
  • Nell Buchman
  • Peter Thomas
  • Lynn Kabat
  • Pedja Muzijevic
  • James vanValkenberg
  • Adam Neiman
  • Ellen de Pasquale
  • Max Mandel
  • Andrew Raciti
  • René Izquierdo
  • Elena Chekan
  • Stephen Prutsman
  • Bion Tsang
  • Joyce Yang
  • Ted Soluri
  • Sonora Slocum
  • Yuka Kadota
  • Alexander Ayers
  • Gloria Cheng
  • William Wolfram
  • Matthew Young
  • Wei-ting Kuo
  • Simone Dinnerstein
  • Nick Cannelakis
  • Anthony Devroye
  • Stephen Balderston
  • A partial list, but more to come….